European Car Servicing

At Skipper Automotive, we advise our clients on the need for scheduled maintenance and services as the key to keeping your car running longer and stronger. For this reason, we can help you keep your vehicle maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations in case of warranty issues. Our team can assist you from regular servicing to full brakes inspection of your European car. When it comes to safety, brakes are essential, and there is nothing that beats being able to stop your vehicle correctly. Skipper Automotive takes brake servicing seriously; hence why we thoroughly inspect your European car braking system when you visit us.

Whether you want us to change your engine oil or replace the oil filter, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will use the most reputable products for your car. Our qualified and licensed team understands that oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. That is why we advise our clients not to wait long for oil and lubrication changes and oil filter upgrades. Essentially oil reduces friction between mechanical parts in your car, reducing wear and tear. It is advisable to inspect your tank dipstick to ensure that your car engine oil is healthy, and if you see it darker, you can contact our team for the change. When you bring your European car to us for an engine oil change, we will drain the oil, replace the filter and fill the engine with Liqui-Moly motor car oils. In addition, we will ensure that your vehicle is fitted with new vehicle safety technology for your safety and to ensure that you remain fully compliant on the road. Depending on the car you own, you can rest assured that our team will match your vehicle repair needs with the correct carpetable parts.


Engine Diagnostics

Brake & Clutch Repairs

Fuel Injection

Car Battery Replacement

Transmission Repairs

Battery Cleaning & Testing

EFT Testing

Air Conditioning Service


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