Car Repairs

Air conditioning repairs We can install, repair, and replace your car’s air conditioner for your comfort during the hot daytime hours.
Gearbox repairs This component is necessary for it controls the movement of your vehicle. Our team can repair or replace your gearbox when it begins to fail.
Exhaust repairs Exhaust pipes expel gases from your car’s interior, and in their highest capacity, they help your vehicle perform better. When this component fails, our team can help diagnose and repair or replace it within the same day.
Battery replacement Our team can do routine battery checks and replace the malfunctioning one regardless of the make of your European car.

Clutch replacement Being an important component, especially with manual transmission vehicles, the clutch should be working as efficiently as possible. The main work of the clutch is to ensure that gears shift and transfer power from the engine to the transmission, allowing your car to turn. Our experts can help install or replace your clutch, and we will test it before returning the vehicle to you.
Suspension repairs This is one of the most complex issues to deal with in a car because of the many components that go into a well-oiled suspension system. However, our team can help identify the symptoms and offer a solution.
Radiator repairs The radiator ensures that your car’s engine runs smoothly and prevents overheating. When it cracks or is damaged, you need our team to fix it immediately before damaging your engine.

Diagnostic scanning We have the skills and equipment to diagnose and clear error codes on your car. Our team can quickly check your car’s sensors and ensure it is running as it should.
Brake repairs Brakes are one of the essential components in ensuring your road safety. It is highly recommended you have your brakes checked regularly by a professional. At Skipper Automotive, we use the most advanced technology in your car’s brake repair.
Engine warning light We can help identify the problem with your engine’s electrical and computer systems. You can rely on our most advanced tools to get to the bottom of this problem and get your car correctly running again.

Power steering repairs These systems are essential, as they help navigate your car smoothly from a stopped, slow or fast speed. You can also operate your steering wheel and freely move from side to side when driving your vehicle. When this component is not working as required, it might be dangerous for you; hence the need to have it checked immediately.
Alternator replacement and repairs Your car’s alternator is essential as it controls the electrical components that move your vehicle. Our team can help ensure that it is repaired on the same day when it is not functioning as required.
Wheel bearing repairs Wheel bearing controls the tyres and keeps your car steady and straight on the road. Having a wheel with no bearing on the road could be dangerous for you. At Skipper Automotive, we ensure quick wheel bearing repair and replacements.

Car Repairs


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